Short vocational training

Short Vocational Courses

In 2013, Semeurs d’Avenir, IECD, and the Municipality of Tripoli launched The Rapid Qualification Training Program in Lebanon in the city of Tripoli, and then extended it to include all Lebanese territories. The program aims to enhance the professional skills of Lebanese youth and refugees.

This program offers rapid training courses (between one and a half and four months) in areas that offer opportunities in the local job market: construction, maintenance, beautification, electricity, helping the sick and elderly, home child care, and decorating chocolate. These courses enable youth personal development by strengthening comprehensive skills required for professional integration.

On completion, trainees are accompanied individually for a period of one year to help them find a job.

The main objective of these courses is to gain employment and achieve professional integration.

The actions

The project takes place under six main axes to achieve its main goal from youth access to employment to professional integration.

The main results:

  • Since 2017, 136 trainings were organized.
  • More than 1,750 youth finished their training and 60% have gained employment or had decided to continue with their education for six months.
  • Ninety one percent of the trainees engaged in developing their life skills, brushing up their CVs, and attending job interviews.

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