Who is Semeurs D'avenir?

Who is Semeur d’Avenir?

Lebanese non-governmental organization Semeurs d’Avenir was founded in 2010 with the support of the European Institute for Cooperation and Development (IECD) to put in place a local structure that can carry on and ensure the sustainability of projects launched by IECD Lebanon with its local partners. Semeurs d’Avenir is IECD Lebanon’s main partner.


On 23rd September 2010, Semeurs d’Avenir registered under number 1905 with the Ministry of Interior.


The purpose of Semeurs d’Avenir is to plan, improve, and encourage all the social, pedagogical, economic, and cultural initiatives that allow the progress of individuals by satisfying their material and intellectual needs.


Through its partnership with IECD, Semeurs d’Avenir today implements six projects in the fields of education, vocational training, and career guidance.