Who is the maintenance technician?

A maintenance technician is a specialist in corrective and preventive maintenance and helps with improving systems. They work with pneumatic, hydraulic, transmission, and electrical technologies.

What is the course duration?

Three years are required to complete BT Maintenance. During these years, the student must complete two training periods, eight weeks each.

  • In the first year, the training is based on corrective and preventive maintenance.
  • In the second year, the training is internal, targeting systems strengthening.

The training provides the young men or women with professional experience before obtaining the certificate. Institutions require this expertise, so it is the school’s duty to encourage and monitor the training in order to increase its students’ capabilities.

What skills will the student acquire?

BT- Maintenance: a career path that lives up to the needs of the Lebanese industrial sector

Three years ago, in close cooperation with the DGVET and private sector partners, the IECD was able to launch, with the approval of the Lebanese government, a new technical career path: BT Maintenance. In this video, we highlight the experience of teachers and students and the feedback of one of the managers from the private sector who has been involved in the process of creating the new curriculum.