Energy University Lebanon:
Online courses for Electrotechnics students

Are you a BT Electrotechnics student looking to enhance your competencies and enrich your knowledge?

“Semeurs d’Avenir”, in partnership with “IECD” and “Schneider Electric” gives you the opportunity to access more than 30 online courses, free of charge. These courses are available over the 3 years of education, and you can easily navigate and access them.  

A signed certificate from Schneider Electric awaits each student completing the courses and the top 10 students will receive prizes and a chance of internship with Schneider Electric partners. 

You are only one click away to a completely new way of learning. What are you waiting for?  

Click here to register. 

For more information, contact the BT-Electrotechnics teacher at your school or send us your concerns here: